Scientext Technical Writing Ltd. is proud to offer exceptional, evidence-based architectural specifications, cost-effectively, when you need it. Services are easy to use and provided electronically via the Internet across Canada. Relationships are comfortable and responsive.

World-class, field-tested architectural specifications developed over many years, numerous projects, and diverse jurisdictions function as our resource base. We offer an interactive process so that you retain full control of the design without the intense time investment and specialized skills required for quality specifications. Our on-demand service is available where and when you need it; we have adapted technology to work remotely, and have found that current technologies make distance support services easy and effective. Our services allow you to re-direct in-house resources to revenue generating activity, and lessen the burden on senior project leaders, without overhead impact.

We study your designs as they evolve, listen to your ideas, understand, and use our 28+ years of industry experience to deliver solutions that are completely in tune with how you work.

Our focus is anticipating, preventing, and resolving quality management concerns. We are recognized for our technical expertise, product knowledge, and the quality of our work. Working with clients across Canada, we are proud to offer a valued specialization honed through working on numerous and varied projects, large and small, for major firms and the public sector. Technologically savvy, we address needs at any office, anywhere.

Specifying LEED® and environmentally conscious projects since 2003.



Available Prime Consultant Services – by Project Phase

Bidding and Negotiation | Scientext™ Technical Writing Ltd | Halifax, Nova Scotia

Bidding and Negotiation

Contract Administration Services

Construction Contract Administration | Scientext™ Technical Writing Ltd | Halifax, Nova Scotia

Construction Contract Administration

Contract Administration Services

Demonstration Project

For firms considering our services for the first time and wishing to learn more, we would be pleased to work with you on a demonstration project (a pilot project you select to try out our services), which permits an opportunity to see how our services might add value, how they work, and how they might fit into your way of doing things. Demonstration projects facilitate the introduction of our services to your firm and help to set the groundwork for an exceptional working relationship.


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Scientext Business Ethics

Scientext is committed to integrity and probity at its highest levels, at the level where honesty, civility, decency and fair play can be trusted as intrinsic to the company’s leadership and way of doing business. We respect our client’s right to privacy, ownership of their intellectual property, and fair billing practices. Our clients shape our built world and... Read More

Stainless Steel Corrosion

Stainless Steel Corrosion is a complex subject and an in-depth discussion is beyond the scope of this blog. The focus here is on several high-level considerations for exterior exposed stainless steel used for architectural purposes in the North American market. An excellent resource for architects and specifiers is a 6-page brochure written by IMOA consultant Catherine Houska, TMR Consulting, and published... Read More