Preliminary Project Descriptions

Scientext® Ltd: Preliminary Project Descriptions (PPD) are created early in the design phase and define the project scope by providing systems’ descriptions, functional and performance criteria, and elements that express the preliminary design concept. Based on the UniFormat Classification System, and readily integrated with BIM models, PPDs provide an opportunity to think through the entire project, set performance targets, optimize design team communication and buyer/designer coordination, explore design solutions, and provide initial data for order‑of-magnitude pricing and value engineering. Scientext™ collaborates closely with the design lead, communicating through checklists and discussions, to develop and update the Preliminary Project Description.

Key Service Features

  • Collaboration
  • Proposals and team communications
  • Integrated team communication
  • PPD updates
  • A BIM-compatible UniFormat classification system
  • Whole building conceptualization

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